Step 4: Creating Cross-Object Filters(COFi)

Cross-Object Filter(COFi):

This functionality allows retention policy enforcement based on related object records. Admins can create filtering logic based on objects directly related to the primary object. The relationship could be Master-Detail or through a lookup field. The intuitive user interface of COFi makes it quick and easy to create and maintain such cross object filtering-based Retention rules.

Cross-Object Filter – Screenshot

Cross-Object Filter Fields
Real-World Example of a COFi based Retention

Requirement: Identify all Accounts that are in Inactive status for the last 6 months, and there are no open Cases, and no Opportunities exist for these Accounts. All these identified accounts and their related Assets need to be masked.

Step 1: Define a RTBF Mapping that also includes COFi based filters

Step 2: Build a Retention Rule for Account Object

Use SOQL where Clause to influence Retention job to only pick Accounts that were inactivated before 60 days

Link Retention rule to the RTBF mapping ‘Account De-Identification Mapping’ as created in Step 1 above

Step 3: The automated Retention Rule will run every Sunday at 10:00 AM

The Automated retention processing activities include:

  1. Fetch all the Accounts that are inactive for 60+ days
  2. Qualify Account fetched in #1 to ensure that there are No Open Cases and No Opportunities
  3. Fetch Assets related to qualified Accounts (List of Accounts from #2 above)
  4. Accounts and Assets are masked based on the Field mapping as defined in the RTBF Mapping

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