Step 5: Create the ‘Masking Status’ field

*This step is optional*

This article covers how to:

I. Create a new custom picklist field name ‘Masking Status’.

II. Put Global Value as ‘Masked’ on all objects which need to be masked.

III. Include FLS to this field for System Admin equivalent users.

Here are the steps: 

In your Salesforce Org, go to Home and search for ‘Picklist Value Sets’. A picklist field lets you choose a value from a pre-populated list. While you can’t write a formula that returns a picklist as a result, you likely have to reference picklists in your formula fields.

Step 2: Add a Global Picklist Value.

Click on ‘New’ to add the Global picklist value. Only a Salesforce Admin can add to or modify the Global picklist value as this value is restricted by nature.


Step 3: Enter the Necessary Details.

Label  – ‘Masking Status’

Name  – ‘Masking_Status’

Values – ‘Masked’

Then, click the ‘Save’ button. 

Step 4: Check Global Value List.

Once saved, it appears in the Global Value List. It is now ready to use

Step 5: Determine which Object needs to be modified.

Navigate → ‘Object Manager’. Select the object in which you need to add a field.

Step 6: Establish a relationship between both objects

Navigate -> ‘Fields and Relationships’, and click on ‘New’. In Salesforce, to create a relationship between two objects, we use relationship fields. This new relationship field is created on the many side object and is related to the one side object.

Select data type ‘Picklist’.

Step 7: Input the necessary details

Click ‘Next’. Select the following –

Field Label Name – ‘Masking Status’  

Values – Enable the checkbox ‘Use Global Picklist Value Set’.

Dropdown – Select  ‘Masking Status’

Step 8: Click on ‘Next’, then select profiles by enabling the ‘Visible’ checkbox. These users will now have access to this field 

Step 9: Click ‘Next’. Lastly, select ‘Page Layout’, then click ‘Save’.

 Here, we have completed Salesforce Org settings.

10. Navigate to the DataMasker App → Configurations tab


Step 11: Select the object in which the field needs to be added. In Field Masking, click ‘New’. 

Step 12: Enter Details of this new Field and hit ‘Save’. Note – Remember to Select Field as ‘Masking Status’ and Select Value as ‘Masked’.


Step 13: Congratulations! You have added the Field successfully.

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