Step 4: Custom Metadata Settings: Capture Exception → True

Data masking is a complex operation and can run into issues from Data, Metadata, or Platform limitations. You will need to understand what is causing these issues. 

DataMasker provides the ability to capture these issues and troubleshoot them. However, it is turned off by default. 

Here are the steps to enable it: 

Step 1: Search for “Custom Metadata Types”

In your Salesforce Org, search for “Custom Metadata Types”. A custom metadata type is an object that is used to define the structure for application metadata. The fields of custom metadata types, and the values in the fields, consist only of metadata. The records of custom metadata types are also metadata, not data.

Step 2: Navigate to ‘Manage Records’

Inside ‘Custom Metadata Types’, click on ‘Manage Records’ for ‘DM_App_Config

Step 3: Select ‘Label Capture_Exceptions’

Select ‘Label Capture_Exceptions’ and ‘DM App Config Name’. Here the value will be shown as ‘False’.

Step 4:  Change value to “True”

Click on the ‘Edit’ button and change its value to “True”.

The value of ‘Label Capture_Exceptions’ is now successfully set to “True”. This means DataMasker will now capture metadata exceptions.

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