Track masking progress with the custom field ‘Masking Status’ (Optional)

Updated on August 4, 2023

It is important to track if all the records did mask after the masking operation is complete. The recommended way to track this is by adding a custom field ‘Masking Status’ on each of the objects that are being masked. All the records that are successfully masked will be set with the value ‘Masked’ by DataMasker. Any record with the ‘Masking Status’ = NULL is not masked. This field helps in re-trying masking failures and also helps in troubleshooting.

Adding the custom field ‘Masking Status’ on each of the Objects being masked is highly recommended.

  1. Create a custom field ‘Masking Status’
  2. Add ‘Masking Status’ to each of the ‘Object Masking’ records

Step 1: Create a custom field ‘Masking Status’

Add Custom Field ‘Masking Status’ to each of the Object that is being masked.

Navigate → ‘Object Manager’ and Select the object in which you need to add a field.

Navigate -> ‘Fields and Relationships’, and click on ‘New’

– Select Data Type ‘Text’

– Click on Button ‘Next’

Key in the field details:

-Field Label: ‘Masking Status’  

Click on Button ‘Next’

Select ‘Visible’ for each of the profiles under which DataMasker will run.

Click ‘Next’

– Unselect all of the Page Layout

– Click on the button ‘Save’

Step 2: Add ‘Masking Status’ to each of the ‘Object Masking’ records

– Navigate to the DataMasker App

– Configurations tab

– Click on the Configuration Name

– Click on the Object. Example ‘Contact’ in the screenshot below

 Click on the button ‘Edit’

Update value of field ‘Filter Criteria’

masking_status__C = NULL

Click on the Button ‘Save’

Add ‘Masking Status’ to Field Masking

– Click on the button ‘New’

Enter details of this new field

– Select Action: ‘Replace’

– Select Further Action: ‘Hardcoded Value’

– Select Field: ‘Masking Status’

– Enter Value: ‘Masked’

Click on the button ‘Save’

 Masking Status Field should show under Field Maskings as below

Repeat adding the custom field ‘Masking Status’ to all the remaining Objects that are being masked.