Multilevel Portability

Portability For Related Objects:

  • Multilevel Portability allows users to tag objects up to three levels, users can add any number of child and grandchild records.
  • To add the mapping click on the “Add” button of Data Portability tile under Implement Tab of Cloud Compliance.
  • Add the parent object first, In this case, Account is the Parent Object. Click on the Save Button.
  • Click on the child object dropdown to select Child Object.
  • Here Contact is selected as a Child object. Users can provide filter criteria to restrict / filter out contact records as per requirement. Click on the Add Child Object button.
  • Similarly, select Grandchild below Child Object. Click on the Radio button as shown below.
  •  User can select Grand Child object from the dropdown list similar to the Child object.
  • In the screenshot below the Parent object is Account, the child object is contact and the grandchild object is Asset.

Note – To add the fields in mapping users can refer Data Portability Basics guide. 

  • In the mapping, the user can add all the necessary fields of choice as per the business use cases and those will appear on the generated files.
  • Data portability mapping is ready which can be used to port data as per user requirements.

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