Nth Level Portability

Portability For Related Objects:

  • Nth level Portability allows users to add objects up to the Nth level, and users can add any number of objects in each level.
  • To add the mapping click on the “Add” button of the Data Portability tile under the Implement Tab of Cloud Compliance.
  • Add the parent object(Level 1 object) first, In this case, Account is the Parent Object. Make sure to check the “Active” checkbox to make mapping active. Click on the Save button.
  • Click on the child object dropdown to select Level 2 object.
  • Here Contact is selected as a Child object. Users can also add the filter field from the picklist, on the basis of this filter, records will be selected. Make sure that the filter field that user going to user should be of  data type boolean.

Note: From CC 2.29 version and onward, The data type of filter is changed from picklist to text type. Now users can enter the API name of filter Field (Boolean type) instead of selecting the value from the dropdown list. 

  •   Click on the Add Child Object button.
  • Once the level 2 object is added, click on the “Add Child Object”  button to add the Level 3 object. After clicking on the button, a popup form will appear. Fill in the details about the Level 3 object and save the details.  as shown below.
  • Here also users can add Filter Field as like below, so that case records will be filtered as per the requirement.
  • Once save the record, the mapping will look like the below screenshot. 
  • Likewise, users can add Level 4 objects, and so on till the Nth level. Also, users can add any number of objects at any level from Level 2 and onwards as shown in the below screenshot. Level 2 has two objects Contact and Asset.

Note – To add the fields in mapping users can refer to the Data Portability Basics guide. 

  • In the mapping, the user can add all the necessary fields of choice as per the business use cases and those will appear on the generated files.
  • Data portability mapping is ready which can be used to port data as per user requirements.

Selection of Files:

Now users can multi-select the file formats from PDF, CSV, or Excel for document generation.

This functionality has been introduced in CC 2.28 and further versions.

To configure the Selection of Files user can follow the below path:

Installed Package -> Configure ->De-identification->Additional Data Portability File Types 

10.pngWhen there is no File type selected on Configure page then after processing only JSON file format will be generated.

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