APEX API – Standard De-identification -Cloud Compliance

Remove personal data and de-identify records without deleting them using ‘Compliance Cloud – GDPR Data Management’ . 

Multiple records can be de-identified using the APEX API method at the same time.

Solution Steps

1. Navigate -> Salesforce record (Account record in this example).



2. Copy the record Id from the URL (‘0010b00002QcgAIAAZ’ in this example).


Similarly, copy the Record ids of other Account records that need to be de-identified. This method enables the de-identification of bulk records.

3. Navigate -> Cloud Compliance UI and open the de-identification mapping. Copy the name of the de-identification mapping (“Account De-Identification Mapping” in this example).


4. Navigate -> Developer Console.



5. Navigate -> ‘Debug’ tab select ‘Open Execute Anonymous Window’.



6. Enter the APEX Code.

Map < String, Object > res = PCCC_DM.PC_DeIdentify.DeIdentifyRecordBulk(new List < ID > {
}, 'Account De-Identification Mapping');

7. Click the “Execute” button to invoke the APEX API.


8. The REST API returns a success message when the record is successfully de-identified. We can find the success message as follows:-

{errList={}, errorMsg=, hasError=false}



9. Navigate -> records in Salesforce to validate that all are successfully de-identified.


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