Users can use Data Tagging + Inventory feature which has automated capability to scan and tag Salesforce Org’s objects and fields. This creates an inventory of the type of personal data processed, how it is stored, etc. Managing this information may be useful for Article 30 of GDPR.

Cloud Compliance provides the “Refresh” button on the Data Tagging + Inventory wizard. When a user clicks on this button, the batch processing will auto-populate the values in “DISystem”, “DIObjects” and “DIFields” objects respectively. 

  • On clicking the “Refresh” button a record with the name “Salesforce” will be generated in the “DI System” object.
  • Salesforce records will fetch the organization ID and other system-related information.
  • All the standard and custom objects except the system objects will be fetched as  “DI Objects “ records as shown below :

All the fields related to the DI Objects will be fetched in the “DI Fields” object. To view DI fields click on any DI object Record. Let us say Account in this case. There we can see a tab for DI Fields.


Mass Update fields from the DI Objects

Cloud Compliance also provides the feature to mass update the ‘DIField’ object field values. It is in the tabular format through which the user can easily choose DIFields that he wants to update. Users can use the feature of  Mass Update for different fields of DI Object. Click on the DI Field tab of the selected DI Object. Here will consider Account as DI object record.

  • Users can select any field for updating the value available in different columns.
  • All the ‘DIFields’ records from the DIObject Record “ Account ” are as follows: 
  • In the select field option, select the fields which the user wants to update.
  • In the value option, enter the value that you want to update.
  • Select the multiple field names by clicking on the checkboxes and click on the “Update selected records” button.

The selected fields will be updated.


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