“Email marketing is too easy, let’s make it hard” – A halloween story for email marketers 🎃 Sadly, it is not a story,
I saw my dentist today. It was painful but I prevented a bigger pain in future. Admins, Marketers, IT Managers and other information workers often end up ignoring to brush their data
Can you innovate with Salesforce? How? 6 steps from successful customers – done with low code platform Often, salesforce admins do these with little external help It begins with
Salesforce and LGPD – Data Privacy for Brazil Brazil’s data privacy law, LGPD (‘Lei Geral de Proteção de Dados’) will apply retroactively from 14th August 2020. If your Salesforce Org has Brazilian personal data, download this PDF to learn about the key steps your company should consider. LGPD-Salesforce-data-privacy-Brazil-Cloud-Compliance-AppExchange
Work.com Cloud Compliance Data Privacy Playbook Reopen safely with Salesforce’s Work.com and robust data privacy controls from AppExchange’s Work.com approved partner, Cloud Compliance. This playbook covers the challenges of managing health and contact tracing data, and how to address them. Work.com-Cloud-Compliance-Data-Privacy-Playbook-1
Introduction – The rise of Data Privacy Do you know that 48% of online users in the US stated that they felt they had no control over who could access their online search?
“What challenge do businesses face when implementing data privacy?” Asked Data Protection Officer and Author, Punit Bhatia My observation “What do I really need to do for data privacy?”
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