Reopen safely with Salesforce’s and robust data privacy controls from AppExchange’s approved partner, Cloud Compliance. This playbook covers the challenges for managing health and contact tracing data, and how to address them.
Introduction – The rise of Data Privacy Do you know that 48% of online users in the US stated that they felt they had no control over who could access their online search?
“What challenge do businesses face when implementing data privacy?” Asked Data Protection Officer and Author, Punit Bhatia My observation “What do I really need to do for data privacy?”
“What has changed as we work with customers and employees?” – Salesforce’s answers the coiv19 question
Salesforce Admins, Is an unchecked box ‘No’ or ‘No response’? In life and data privacy, Silence is not a Consent. But most of us act like it is So, are you using Checkboxes correctly?
Our straight from ❤story of why it matters to us and why it should matter to Salesforce customers. We are Cloud Compliance, the world’s most focused data privacy company on Salesforce AppExchange.
If someone said we should wear masks a few months ago, we would have laughed. This is “Risk Blindness” – and it affects our decision making. Why do we have it? Here is what HBR says on this Firstly,