CRM systems such as your Salesforce Org may contain personal data of your prospects, customers, employees, and partners. To ensure GDPR compliance, you can standardize, automate and enforce GDPR-specific requirements with Cloud Compliance’s Apps that are available from AppExchange. Some common use cases where Salesforce customers use our Apps include: Generate a personal data inventory and conduct Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA) (Use our Personal Data Discovery) Automate Data Portability, Right To Be Forgotten (RTBF), and other Subject Access Requests (SAR) (Use our Privacy Rights Automation) Mask Sandbox Data to Enforce Data Security (Use our Sandbox DataMasker) Drive transparency and audit-readiness in your privacy disclosures (Use our policy & Notice Management) Solve consent fragmentation with an enterprise-wide consent and communication preference repository in your Salesforce org (Use our Consent Management) Orchestrate processing of RTBF & portability DSARs across all Salesforce Orgs (Prod. link)

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