3 reasons why consent management for Salesforce + Martech continues to be ignored.

And 12.2 million reasons to fix it πŸ™‚

Myth 1.

Our marketing email has unsubscribe link


You need both consent and unsubscribe and it needs to go beyond email marketing to cover your CRM and other channels

Myth 2.

We have a legitimate interest to reach out


Slippery slope ahead

LI can be hard to defend and has been disqualified as a lawful basis in certain cases

Myth 3.

We market to those who signed up with us


A lead gen form is an anemic consent record

An audit ready consent system and specific policies acceptance proof are a safer bet

Successful compliance initiatives address the root cause.


Forward thinking companies understand that and take the long term view.

It certainly costs less than 12.2 Million Euros.

Is your company can safely addressing this risk?

More here https://bit.ly/3kCH8EJ

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