Protect Your Salesforce Data.

Secure & Comply with GDPR/CCPA.

Available on AppExchange.

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“My infosec team was in awe as Cloud Compliance covers Data Security 360 degrees” – Adrien F.

Retention & Remove Junk Data

Reduce your data footprint, breach impact and free up storage. Automate data retention to dispose of your old Salesforce data.

Mask & Secure Sandbox

Prevent security risks by replacing real customer data with dummy data. Automate GDPR, CPRA, HIPAA & InfoSec compliance.

Automate RTBF + Portability

Avoid privacy fines & embarrassment. Deliver Portability & RTBF(Right to be Forgotten) requests without manual effort.

Enterprise scale. Startup agility.


Why wait? Secure your data sooner with our ‘Clicks, not code’ apps & pre-built APIs.


Don’t work weekends! Mask up to 5M/hour. Avoid gruntwork by automating what other solutions can’t.


Why pay more? Our 50% or less licensing comes with support & future upgrades.

Customers ❤️ our 100% native apps

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Our 100% promise

We started Cloud Compliance because there were no good solutions to fulfill privacy compliance requirements for Salesforce customers. This is our resolution.

100% You

We don’t ask you to become experts in new technology and deal with the burden of adoption, integration, and maintenance. Come as you are: if you know Salesforce, your compliance initiatives are halfway to success.


100% On Salesforce

We believe your customer data is sacred, so we never let it leave the trusted security of the Salesforce platform. That’s why all our apps are native.


100% Clicks Not Code

We have all suffered the slow death march of implementing poorly designed products. As a result, we obsess over reducing the time to set up and reconfigure. That’s how we bring speed and agility to your compliance initiatives.

100% Compliance Focused

We are not a half-baked privacy solution that treats privacy compliance as a second-grade citizen. On the contrary, we live and breathe data privacy. That’s why we continue to build and update our products for the latest privacy regulations.