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Personal Data Discovery for Salesforce

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Unify legal & compliance view

Give stakeholders consistent insights into how the data is managed across the Enterprise and Salesforce.

Simplify Data Stock Taking

Create a detailed data catalog. This can evolve with changing data models.

One Click Data Assessment

Automatically scan and document packages, objects, and fields. 

Assess Data Risk. Automate Intelligently.

The success of privacy programs requires thorough data inventory and risk assessment. However, most organizations end up overlooking pockets of data and struggle with manual processes and spreadsheets. Our Personal Data Inventory product automates and streamlines DPIA and enterprise data inventory flows in your Salesforce Org. Make it easy for your organization to have an accurate data inventory and clear risk assessment.

Enterprise-wide Data Inventory

A single data inventory solution for all your apps
Legal and Compliance teams can get a unified view of what data is collected where, and how it is processed, all cataloged inside Salesforce. 
Cloud Compliance makes it easy to document and automate data inventory gathering processes and corresponding approval flows.

Salesforce-wide Data Inventory

Make data-driven compliance decisions by understanding your Salesforce data and usage statistics
Successful compliance initiatives are built on basic data governance principles such as taking an inventory of your data. 

Cloud Compliance generates a detailed data catalog, including usage statistics such as the number of records per object and fields populated. 

As your Salesforce data model evolves, you can choose to update your catalog automatically.

PII Score

Assess data exposure risks with a PII score and probability analysis in one click
Privacy teams can automatically generate a personal data inventory for privacy requirements such as Record of Processing Activities (ROPA). 
Cloud Compliance does an automated scan and documents standard, custom, and managed package, objects, and fields. 
We also create a PII score to summarize the personal data exposure of an object. 

Intelligent Tagging

Reduce your data classification efforts with intelligent pre-identification of personal data

Business teams can avoid manually reviewing every field with our proprietary algorithm that flags fields suspected of containing personal data. 


Cloud Compliance also filters out fields that contain system-generated, non-personal information.


Multiple Regulation Support

Comply with every specific nuance of privacy laws for data inventory
Global privacy programs have to comply with the unique requirements of various regional regulations and their corresponding data classification efforts. 
Cloud Compliance classifies your inventory based on the source of the data, who the data is shared with, and for what duration of time, as well as other more specific nuances. 
Our model can easily be extended to accommodate additional one-off requirements.

Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)

Centralize processes to identify, analyze and minimize data protection risks
Data Protection officers will be able to standardize the preparation, delivery, collaboration and analysis of their privacy assessments. 

Cloud Compliance offers a single repository for all DPIA related efforts and provides the capability to build automation, approval and collaboration efforts natively in to Salesforce.