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Multi-Org Privacy & Security Hub for Salesforce
100% On-platform

No phone calls to admins

Rule-based DSAR orchestration across multiple Orgs helps automate requests from one Hub Org. Save on manual coordination & time.

Process in minutes, not days

Remove the need to process requests across multiple Orgs manually. Instant automated actions are available.

Be besties with the legal guy!

Processing requests faster means no legal hold-ups, no fines, and no pleading for more time to confirm the jobs done.

Enable Requests Across Orgs.
No Grunt Work Required.

Managing data privacy-security across multiple Salesforce Orgs is a necessity for large organizations. This needs to be on-platform, predictable, easy yet powerful. Hence, MOPS orchestrates the processing of RTBF and portability DSARs across dozens of Salesforce Orgs—100% automated.

Orchestration at scale

Rules based DSAR propagation and orchestration across Salesforce spoke Orgs.

Execute multiple RTBF/Portability DSARs seamlessly from a single Hub Org across various spoke Orgs.

With various batches chained and Retry logic architecture, ensures a smooth closure of the Requests generated.

Centralized and secure privacy

Securely connect and monitor data privacy-security across multiple Salesforce Orgs.

While managing data privacy across Multi-Orgs, we make sure to use the most secured authentication method.

We use multiple technologies for authentication for eg JWT, Named Credentials, etc.

Packed with Love and APIs

Rich set of REST/APEX APIs

Rich set of REST/APEX APIs are useful to exchange information between External System -> Hub -> Spoke Orgs ensuring smooth integration and closure of the DSARs.

All-in-one dashboard

A centralized monitoring panel for the overall processing of the DSARs.

Get a bird’s eye view of the overall processing and status of the DSARs across your various Salesforce Multi-Orgs.

Our Dashboard will show the RTBF & Retention health of all your Orgs in a centralized manner.

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Learn more about Multi-Org Privacy & Security Hub.

Learn more about Multi-Org Privacy & Security Hub.

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