Connect and comply across apps.

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Key Considerations

Integrate+Automate your ‘Privacy & Security by design’ needs with pre-built Invocable, REST & APEX APIs.

Diagram depicting REST API integration with logos of MuleSoft, Boomi, AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud on the left, pointing towards a cloud labeled 'Salesforce + Cloud Compliance API' on the right.

REST (Salesforce Native)

Initiate, Access, and Update privacy requests and consents across the enterprise with our REST APIs built, hosted, and securely authenticated on Salesforce

Reduce integration cost and technical debt by limiting custom code and avoiding data replication. Cloud Compliance offers a rich set of REST APIs to manage the lifecycle of Consent, Portability, SAR, Right to be Forgotten (RTBF), Data Retention, and others.


Your data never leaves the Salesforce platform with our native APIs written in Apex and reviewed by Salesforce security.


Bring the power of programmatic logic and control to your Salesforce Org with our Apex functions for advanced Data Privacy use cases

Solve unique privacy requirements and complex logic by building your own solution within Salesforce. Cloud Compliance’s Apex functions are thoughtfully designed for enterprise-grade scalability and use.

Our Apex functions are well documented and offer finer exception handling and control for developers.

Salesforce API Integration, Salesforce API, Salesforce integration services
Flowchart of an autolaunched flow in a cloud platform, starting with 'Get Records' action


Automate declaratively with Process Builders and Flows using our Invocable methods to extend Cloud Compliance functionality

Reduce maintenance costs for frequently changing requirements with a declarative solution. Cloud Compliance exposes its capabilities as Invocable methods for Process builder and Flows usage.

Empower Salesforce administrators and Low-code developers to address privacy use cases with configuration.

Why Compliance Matters


Your customer’s privacy is more than a compliance initiative. Privacy is a basic human right that your organizational ethos should align with.


Privacy violations are magnified disproportionately in social media. Bad publicity impacts your company’s leadership, stock price, and financials.


Many organizations have been penalized for their privacy oversights. Regulatory authorities are scaling up faster than the time you may need to design compliance policies.


Building trust in a digital world is difficult enough. Erosion of trust due to unsavoury privacy incidents can permanently damage your business.