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Consent Management for Salesforce
100% On-Platform

Let customers choose

Customers update their consent anytime, anywhere. Feel in control of Opt-ins/Opt-outs for every purpose their data is collected.

Unify Consent Repository

Enterprise-wide repository for all communication preferences. Enable consistent brand experience & compliance.

Run campaigns fearlessly

Create marketing segments based on a variety of criteria for granular preference management. Enabled by Salesforce Data models.

Build Customer Trust.
Respect And Comply.

Customer opt-out preferences are often not shared across Marketing, CRM, and other apps. This causes an inconsistent brand experience and violates privacy and anti-spam laws. Our Consent Management product is a unified repository build in Salesforce to address this challenge. Deliver a better brand experience and avoid fines.

Preserve and enrich customer consent at every step of their journey

Consent 360

Customers will feel respected that their consent and opt-ins are honored at every step.

Cloud Compliance automatically creates and matches Salesforce’s Individual records to Leads, Contacts, Users, and Personal Accounts.

This Individual is then associated with all consent and communication preference records.

OMNI-Channel Enabled

Respect customer communication preferences across all channels automatically

Sales, Support, and Marketing can connect on channels that customers and prospects prefer.

Cloud Compliance enables an enterprise-wide repository for Email, Phone, Text/SMS, Social, and other communication preferences.

Consent APIs enable easy integration with AppExchange packages and other applications.

Segmentation preferences

Segment your customers and manage their communication preferences more granularly

Marketers can apply segmentation based on brand, personas, business units, or other criteria for granular preference management. 
Cloud Compliance extends the Salesforce data model to segment preferences for marketing campaigns, self-service, and other functions.

Self-service privacy center

Scale consent and communication preference management with customer self-service

Customers and prospects have full control to Opt-In or Out of every channel and purpose.

The Cloud Compliance Privacy Center is customizable for the brand, region, language, and others.

Also, it is designed to work with the free edition of Salesforce Communities, thus saving licensing fees.

Opt-in only Email

Comply with privacy and anti-spam laws by never emailing opt-out subscribers

Marketers can fearlessly run campaigns knowing that only opt-in subscribers will be emailed.

Cloud Compliance assists with the sync of email opt-ins across common E-Mail solutions like Marketo, Marketing Cloud, Pardot, and Mailchimp.

This enables dynamic management of campaign opt-in/out for CANSPAM and other anti-spam and privacy laws.

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Download and learn more about Consent Management.

Check out whitepapers & e-books

How we implemented Consent Management and other products to achieve GDPR compliance.

Download and learn more about Consent Management.

Check out whitepapers & e-books

How we implemented Consent Management and other products to achieve GDPR compliance.

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