Mask 99 Million
in a day

Sandbox DataMasker for Salesforce.
100% On-platform

Prevent Email blasts

Don’t let accidents happen. Mask with confidence as DataMasker mutes automation to stop email blasts & external system calls.

Limit access to real data

Securely let your partners & 3rd parties into sandbox. Delete, erase or replace your sensitive info with dummy data in few clicks.

Mask for usability

Prepare your sandbox for specific business needs. Apply different masking for Dev, Test, UAT to keep their data relatable.

Sandbox Breaches, Fines, Accidents?
No More.

Your sandboxes carry real data from production. This can lead to improper access & breach. DataMasker removes sensitive data in Salesforce sandboxes and mitigates your risks. Also useful for your GDPR, CCPA, CPRA, HIPAA & other compliance needs.

Why wait? Get done 3X faster

Give platform access sooner with Hi-Speed masking

Enable your team to get more done by not making them wait for masking. Pick the only native App designed for high-volume data processing.

With DataMasker, large customers have processed up to 99 million records in 24 hours.

Mask your own way!

Give every sandbox, the right masking treatment

Delete or mask records, erase or update field values, and secure data in your sandboxes. Apply masking that suits the sandbox’s purpose.

Bring the power of Regex, formulas, sample & custom libraries. With DataMasker, you can even add your own advanced logic in Apex.

Remote start from DevOps ❤️

Don’t let manual tasks delay your sandbox readiness

Prepare your sandbox, refresh metadata & mask it, all from your DevOps tool. This frees your team from delays & human errors.

Run DataMasker with a REST API call. Fire it up from Copado, Flosum, Jenkins, Gearset, AutoRabit, or GitLab.

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See what automates your policies

Check out whitepapers & e-books

Learn how NRC secures its customer data.

See what automates your policies

Check out whitepapers & e-books

Learn how NRC secures its customer data.

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