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Across Regions.

Policy & Notice Management for Salesforce.
100% On-platform

Speak their language

Make your customers smile while communicating privacy policies across regions. Share region-specific policies in their language.

Get customer receipts

Auditors, legal, and compliance will appreciate readily available proof of acceptance from customers. Also, save on storage costs.

All channels lead to compliance

Give a consistent privacy experience to your customers. Comply with local policies while you do so.

Reduce Your Efforts.
Increase Compliance Consistency.

Privacy laws mandate disclosures that are clear and consistent. Organizations often end up with make-shift solutions that don’t do this well. It increases the risk of non-compliance. Our Policy & Notice Management product brings order to the chaos of managing privacy notices. Reduce risk and drive transparency with a standardized and audit-ready solution.

Multi-region enabled

Build trust with region-specific and local language privacy notices.

Your leads, prospects, and customers will appreciate the ease of understanding your privacy communication that is specific to their region, language, and regulation. 
Cloud Compliance allows you to produce privacy content that can be as personal and transparent with your customers as you like.

Proof of acceptance

Secure evidence of acceptance for audit readiness

Legal and compliance teams can be assured that a proof of acceptance for every individual is available in Salesforce.

Cloud Compliance uses Salesforce’s standard Data Privacy Authorization object that does not count against your storage and thus saves you money.

Omni-channel enabled

Offer consistent and interactive privacy messaging across any channel

Your customers can understand your privacy messaging interactively through channels such as Einstein Chatbot, SMS/Text, your website, and your mobile apps.


A simple and humanized privacy experience can be enabled using video and other types of content.

Intelligent Tagging

Reduce your data classification efforts with intelligent pre-identification of personal data

Business teams can avoid manually reviewing every field with our proprietary algorithm that flags fields suspected of containing personal data.


Cloud Compliance also filters out fields that contain system-generated, non-personal information.

Version control

Avoid policy fragmentation and keep track of previous versions

Keep a single active version across the enterprise for a uniform policy and disclosure experience.

This also ensures that all past revisions are accessible for historic and audit readiness.

Business self-service

Enable the business to manage policy content without IT dependency

Privacy professionals will be able to operationalize and maintain their own privacy policies by simply creating and updating Salesforce records.


Also, it’s easy to customize your approval flows and access rights to suit your internal processes.

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How we implemented Policy & Notice Management for GDPR Compliance.

How we implemented Policy & Notice Management for GDPR Compliance.

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