Remove junk data
in your Sleep

Data Retention for Salesforce
100% On-platform

Store Less, Save More

Don’t let extra storage fee eat your Salesforce budget. Automated retention deletes your junk data & saves you storage space.

Freshen Your Org

Get rid of junk to make your Salesforce better for your users. Retention declutters your reports, dashboards & searches.

Clicks To Secure + Comply

Set & update policies as needed with a few clicks. Reduce data footprint and meet legal, privacy & IT standards.

Prevent Fines & Breaches.
Automate Your Retention Policies.

If data is the new oil, then old-irrelevant data is dirty sludge. It can violate GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA & other laws. Our Data Retention automates the secure disposal of junk data from Salesforce. 100% on-platform.

Delete or anonymize

Free up space with deletion, or anonymize for reporting

Comply easily with your toughest privacy laws & InfoSec policies. Enable better Salesforce experience and performance for your users.

Reduce footprint and save storage costs by deleting old records. Or anonymize sensitive data and keep the rest for reporting.

Remove junk data with 6X precision

Easily deliver on your complex policy use cases

You can now meet complex retention requirements. Enforce retention for records with up to 6 levels of granularity.

Select records based on field attributes, related look-up & parent/child records, or metadata.

Never have 'Out of date' policies

Your policies now keep up with schema changes – Metadata magic

As data models change, your retention policies can get out of date.

Avoid it by using our full support for Salesforce metadata & data classification. Evergreen policy automation!

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See what automates your policies

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Learn a FinTech’s GDPR journey

See what automates your policies

Check out whitepapers & e-books

Learn a FinTech’s GDPR journey

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