Demo Videos

In 3 mins, see how you secure & comply your Salesforce data with Cloud Compliance

Automate your data retention policies to minimize old data & its breach impact. Securely delete records-files & free up storage

Never let your real customer data from prod go unmasked in Sandboxes. DataMasker anonymizes millions of records to secure your Salesforce data

Mitigate your non-compliance risk of GDPR, CCPA/CPRA & other privacy law by standardizing on a Privacy requests(DSARs) process that is error-free

Securely orchestrate & automate your data portability & deletion(RTBF) requests across all Salesforce orgs with a hub & spoke design

Respect your customer’s communication preferences by tracking their consent in an enterprise-wide repository, thus preventing privacy fines

Generate an accurate RoPA (Record of Processing Activities) of your Salesforce data that is useful for DPIAs(Data Protection Impact Assessments)