Demo Videos

In 3 mins., see how you secure & comply your Salesforce data

Mask your Salesforce sandbox data

Never let your real customer data from prod go unmasked in Sandboxes. DataMasker anonymizes millions of records to secure your Salesforce data

Reduce obsolete Salesforce Prod data

Automate your data retention policies to minimize old data & its breach impact. Securely delete records-files & free up storage

Automate Portability & Deletion(RTBF)

Mitigate your non-compliance risk of GDPR, CCPA/CPRA & other privacy law by standardizing on a Privacy requests(DSARs) process that is error free

Drive compliance across multiple Orgs

Securely orchestrate & automate your data portability & deletion(RTBF) requests across all Salesforce orgs with a hub & spoke design

Manage consents + Marketing opt-ins

Respect your customer's communication preferences by tracking their consent in an enterprise-wide repository, thus preventing privacy fines

Inventorize personal data in Salesforce

Generate an accurate RoPA(Record of Processing Activities) of your Salesforce data that is useful for DPIAs(Data Protection Impact Assessments)