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“Deloitte is committed to becoming the profession’s leader in setting the standard for protecting confidentiality, and continues to make major investments to protect client data and personally identifiable information.”

Consulting & Professional Services

About Deloitte

Deloitte is one of the world’s largest Management Consulting firm with 312K+ employees and revenues in excess of $47BN+.


Deloitte’s Salesforce Org collected client information as part of their engagement.On conclusion of the engagement, they needed to remove this data for GDPR Compliance.


Salesforce does not have an automated way to address this requirement.As a result, they were looking for a way to comply and alleviate this risk.

How Cloud Compliance Helped Deloitte

Cloud Compliance enables Deloitte to anonymize Client data automatically. Thanks to its Data Retention policies, any contact and related records that meet the criteria are anonymized.


This setup took just a few hours to configure and get started.


No more Manual processes and met GDPR compliance.

Cloud Compliance has helped Deloitte meet GDPR requirements in its Salesforce Org.

Manual processes that could have consumed 100s of hours per year are now automated.

Solutions Used

Data Retention