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Available in more than 200+ countries worldwide, this $200 BN+ company enables consumers and merchants to receive money in more than 100 currencies.


To comply with CCPA, this organization needed to remove clients’ data from Salesforce once their relationship had been inactive for a certain period.


Salesforce does not offer an ‘out of box’ feature to allow automated deletion of records.

Automating this data retention was a key priority for 2020, and thus began the search for a product that can enable them to comply with the law.

How Cloud Compliance helped FinTech Company

Cloud Compliance deletes and anonymizes their old client’s data based on complex business rules that can span across multiple objects.

The customer’s IT organization found it easy to do this by creating retention rules in Cloud Compliance based on data retention policies.

Personal information is not only deleted from the records but also removed from all related entities.

This also removes related child records, look-up relationships, and unstructured data such as Chatter, Attachments, and Files.


Streamlined CCPA Compliance with Cloud Compliance – Save Time and Storage Space with Metadata-Driven Approach

Cloud Compliance has helped them to meet CCPA requirements. The agility of our metadata-driven approach means that when their Salesforce object model changes, the retention policies can be easily re-configured in a few clicks.

Timely deletion saved them storage space.

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