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“EF is committed to protecting the privacy of our potential and existing customers.


The EF privacy policy applies to all Personal Data processed by us, collected or submitted through our websites, mobile applications or through our official social media pages or through other channels online and offline.”

EF is committed to protecting the privacy of our potential and existing customers.

About Education First

EF is an international education company with 52,000 employees spread out in 115 countries. EF provides life-changing education for global citizens.


EF’s leadership wanted to ensure GDPR compliance for personal information of students, teachers and leads. Their Salesforce instance serves as a central system for Sales, Student onboarding and course delivery, and integrates with Pardot for their Marketing campaigns.


EF decided to use Salesforce for Privacy Policy notices, consent management and communication preferences – synced with Pardot for permission-based marketing, integration with virtual school through API, and self-serve Privacy portal.


Salesforce does not offer out of box functionality to address these requirements. The EF team did not want to do custom development and incur technical debt.

How Cloud Compliance Helped EF

EF used Cloud Compliance to generate Policy and Disclosure notices in 17+ different languages, managed natively in Salesforce. These are used in their virtual school and mobile app during student onboarding.


Cloud Compliance automates creation and matching of Salesforce Individual and Consent records for maintaining communication preferences and opt-ins.


These are synced to Pardot for dynamic campaign membership. Email templates were updated to include Cloud Compliance’s privacy portal link for opt-in self-service.


Cloud Compliance’s APIs are Salesforce native and securely integrated with Amazon Web Services. This enabled Consent and Policy integration with their virtual school and mobile app.


EF Achieves Seamless GDPR Compliance and Integration with Cloud Solution, Delivering Results Faster

EF is able to address their complex GDPR compliance, Technical and Integration requirements with Cloud Compliance.

They were able to deliver it in a short amount of time and with minimal custom code in Salesforce.

In addition, by having a seamless integration with Pardot, their virtual school and mobile app, they ensure a highly compliant and omnichannel student experience.

Solutions Used

Policy and Notice Management

Pardot and external system REST API integration

Consent Management