Get an Unlimited License (Optional)

Updated on February 27, 2023

DataMasker provides FREE lifetime licenses for up to four objects, each with unlimited records. When you install the DataMasker application from AppExchange, you’ll be able to view the license in the license details section. To mask more than four objects, you’ll need to contact Cloud Compliance (

Once you have the Unlimited License, there are two ways to install it on your Salesforce Org.

1. Over The Air Licenses Sync

Pre-requisite: You’ll have to create a Remote Site URL in your own org. You’ll also need to contact Cloud Compliance to ensure that your license has been successfully activated in the Cloud Compliance licensing server. Once the pre-requisites have been met, navigate to the ‘License’ tab, then click ‘OTA Licenses Sync’.

You’ll see a license with the status “Active”.

The license start date and end date can be seen in the license detail records.


2. Validate Key

Pre-requisite: You’ll need to contact Cloud Compliance to receive your Encrypted License Key

Click on the ‘License’ Tab, then enter the key provided by Cloud Compliance and click on ‘Validate Key’. You will see a license record with the status ‘Active’. If the Start Date is in the future, then the status will display as ‘Upcoming’.