Release Note 1.27.1

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New Functionality

  • Dynamic Progress Banners: DataMasker now supports lightning banners throughout masking life-cycle. These banners will indicate the user about missing steps required to complete the configuration, masking progress and status of execution at every stage.
  • Mask Data with Unique Value: Replace sensitive information stored under Text and Text Area fields for any object by checking Unique field in the field masking layout. Unique checkbox offers a fresh approach to mask your data over frequently used masking actions.
  • Label Replacement: Delete Settings Label name is now replaced by ‘Org-Wide Delete Settings


  • Data Masking Action button: Previous button (DataMasking) has now been deprecated from the configuration page layout. Initiate DataMasking execution using new LWC component ‘Run Masking’ action button that supports modern UX design and faster loading of execution cycle.
  • Mask Data using Formula Field: DataMasker allows the user to mask their sandbox data using the power of formula field. Simply add the Formula field action from Object Manager under field masking layout to mask data using multiple reference field values.
  • Prevent Multiple Masking Executions: DataMasker will alert the user and display the details about the existing execution if any user attempts to initiate multiple executions at any given point of time.

Bug Fixes

  • Execution Status Bar: Fixed bar length alignment issues that displays Green, Red, Yellow status bar based tally of total records masked, In-progress and errored. This fix will ensure accurate status for objects with zero records, errored records etc under Execution and Execution Logs records.

Known Issues

  • Formula Field action type: DataMasker doesn’t support masking of DateTime field using Formula field action.