Prerequisites before Installing ‘Privacy-Security Hub’ App

Updated on February 27, 2023
  • The appropriate Cloud Compliance package must have been installed in the connected spoke org. This Cloud Compliance installed in spoke org will include two objects “Hub-Spoke Object” and “Hub-Spoke Field”. The records in these objects will be used for Hub-Spoke configuration in Hub and for further operations like RTBF and Portability. For more details please refer to the Prerequisites-for-Spoke-App Article article.
  • You need to make sure that the Connected App is created and configured in a spoke org so as to establish the connection between Hub and Spoke org. This connection will allow all the processing related to RTBF and Portability in Spoke org but driven or orchestrated by Hub org. For more details on JWT Token connection using connected apps please refer to the Connected App In Spoke Org  article.
  • Creation of remote site setting records for respected Spoke orgs. For creating a remote site setting in the Hub Org go to
  1. Setup -> Remote Site -> Settings -> New Remote Site (Button)
  2. Fill in the required details as follows and make sure that the Remote Site is active.
  3. Remote Site Name – User can add any relevant name for Remote Site
  4. Remote Site URL – Add org URL as Remote Site URL. (Make sure URL should be in the form of ‘’)

4. Now, upload the ‘server.key’ file in the files, It will generate the Cert Id.

  • Search Files in the App Launcher, and open the Files.
  • Click on the ‘Upload Files’ button to upload the ‘server.key’ from the particular destination
  • After uploading ‘server.key’, click on Done
  • Click on the dropdown and then click on View File Details, after that the Files details will be open
  • The record Id is highlighted in the search bar and this will be the Cert File Id.