Get an Unlimited License (Optional)

Updated on June 17, 2024

Getting Started with the Trial License:

DataMasker provides a trial license for up to four objects, each with unlimited records for a month.

Once you’ve installed DataMasker from AppExchange, you can view the license in the license details section.

To mask more than four objects, reach out to us at for an upgrade.

Screenshot showing the License Details page in Salesforce where users can input and validate a license key.

Upgrading to the Unlimited License:

Once you have the Unlimited License, you can install it on your Salesforce Org in two ways:

1. Over Air Licenses Sync

  • Pre-requisite: You need to create a Remote Site URL in your org.

  • Activation: A quick message to Cloud Compliance will get your license activated on our server.

  • Final Touch: Head over to the ‘License’ tab and click ‘OTA Licenses Sync’ to view your active license dates.

You’ll see a license with the status “Active”.


The license start date and end date can be seen in the license detail records.


2. Validate Key

Pre-requisite: To get your hands on the Encrypted License Key, contact Cloud Compliance.


Activation: Click on the ‘License’ Tab, then enter the key, hit ‘Validate Key’, and voilà!
Your license record status should now be ‘Active’.

Note: If the Start Date is in the future, then the status will display ' Upcoming'.