Release Note 3.3

Updated on February 27, 2023
Version: Cloud Compliance Release 3.3
Release Date: 20-July-2022
New Functionality
  • Processing Order: This functionality simplifies the processing of parent and related objects by allowing you to decide your own sequence within RTBF / Retention Mapping. You can leave this field ‘Blank’ to process the execution of other related objects after the sequence. This field enables the user to insert a sequence of integers, ranging from 0-99.
  • Use ‘Standard User Obfuscation’ Field on RTBF Mapping: This checkbox field supports obfuscation of both Standard and Custom User fields. Setting this value as ‘True’ (Checked) will obfuscate User fields using Standard Salesforce API. Setting it as ‘False’ (Unchecked) will allow you to obfuscate fields using RTBF field mapping.
  • Process Records Button: Users can now use this button under PrivSec Request Object to re-process Errored or Failed Associated Records. To enable re-processing, change the PrivSec Status to ‘In-Progress’ and SubStatus to ‘Records Generated’ and simply click on the ‘Process Records’ Button.
  • Advanced Settings Tab: A new tab has been introduced in RTBF Mapping that allows users to set advanced settings such as Processing Order, Standard User Obfuscation and Data Classification Filters.
  • ‘Delete After Days’ Field: A validation check is set on ‘Delete After Days’ field under the Data Retention wizard that restricts users to set the field value as ‘0’ to avoid processing issues
Bug Fixes
  • Related Object Duplication: While adding related objects via RTBF mapping & COFi filters, User used to see a single object multiple times based on the number of relationships to the parent. This bug has been resolved in this release.
Known Issues