Updated on March 21, 2024

Custom metadata – DataMasker App Config – Reconciliation

Reconciliation is a batch class running at the end of the execution to validate bulk data jobs’ status. Reconciliation will execute when the Execution for an object goes into error.

This will help us in verifying whether the Number of Records Processed and Errored is reflected correctly at the end of the execution. This helps eliminate any doubt about these numbers. A custom field (Masking Status) will help verify the records.

This works only when the Reconciliation field in custom metadata is set to true.

  • The status value in the execution log changes to Validating Records when it starts to process.
  • During Reconciliation, the SOQL Query will run again with the same where clause (SELECT Id FROM Account WHERE createddate >= 1980-02-16T00:00:00.000Z AND createddate <= 2023-04-12T23:59:00.000Z AND Masking_status__c != ‘Masked’). This will bring the number of errored records, which can be identified as the masking status won’t be changed to ‘Masked’.
  • Total Processed records will be updated depending on the formula → Total Processed records = Total records – Errored Records.

  • By this process, the number of errored records is identified without any doubt the numbers reflect the correct masked records.

  • Once the process is done, the Verified Checkbox is checked in the execution log.