Release Note 1.26 (Jul-2022)

Updated on March 23, 2024

Release Date: 05-Jul-2022

AppExchange Link: Download DataMasker from here

New Functionality

  • Export/Import Masking Configuration: DataMasker supports the migration of masking configurations from source org to destination org and vice versa. DataMasker allows users to export or import specific configurations based on their requirements. In addition, DataMasker detects the existing configurations and supports ‘Upsert’ of updated mappings.


  • Bulk Queries using DataMasker API: Perform SOQL on bulk queries through exposed DataMasker API. This API fetches the count of large data sets without entering a timeout session.
  • Enhanced visibility of Masking Record count: DataMasker now refreshes the masking count every 15 minutes. Users can now view the exact count of records processed or errored under execution logs.
Managed Package Validation Rule: Validation Rules of Managed Packages can now be deactivated during DataMasking execution and support reactivation after completion of the entire execution.

Bug Fixes

  • Field Mapping Component: The field masking page encountered a loading issue due to 200+ fields associated with the Case object. This is now fixed and the field masking layout for any object can accommodate the loading of 350+ fields instantly.

  • Disjointed Bar Chart: DataMasker showed inaccurate alignment of the masking status field based on the count of processed or errored records. This is fixed now.

  • OwnerID Field Type: OwnerID ‘Lookup’ field is now replaced with the ‘Text’ field on the field masking layout. A high volume of user metadata led to a field loading issue. This has been resolved now.

  • Removal of Compliance Categorization Values: DataMasker wiped out the Compliance Categorization value assigned to a particular field during masking execution. This has been fixed now.

Known Issues

  • Managed Package Object History: DataMasker does not disable the Object ‘Set Field History’ of managed packages after initiating the DataMasking operation.