Release Notes 2.2 (Oct-2023)

Updated on March 23, 2024

Version: DataMasker – Version 2.2

Release Date: October 2023


  • The updated green status bar provides a real-time overview of all ongoing execution processes. Additionally, we’ve incorporated an extra status indicator to align with the primary execution status for enhanced clarity.

Bug Fixes

  • All replacing actions now successfully manage special characters.

  • Masking for non-bulk objects across all field types has been successfully implemented. Previously, there were issues with Formula field types, but these have now been resolved.

  • Users can now view accurate counts for ‘Total Records’, ‘Records Processed’, and ‘Records Errored’ within the Execution log history.

  • We’ve addressed the CPU time limit issue by adjusting the batch size to 1000.

Known Issues

  • Masking a field type of ‘Date/Time’ using the action type ‘Formula Field’ causes runtime exceptions

  • DataMasker disables field history tracking before it starts masking. However, it is unable to do so for Custom fields on 2 objects (Task and Event)