Release Notes 2.28

Updated on February 27, 2023


  • Release Date: 12th October 2021

From where to Install or Upgrade

What’s New

Data Retention:

  • Ability to automate and further filter Data retention based on ‘Data Sensitivity level’ values assigned to fields on an Object.
    • Data Sensitivity level is a multi-select picklist
    • Data Sensitivity level will be used as a further filter over the standard ‘Where Clause’.
    • Long Text fields can not be used in Data Retention’s Where Clause, as standard Salesforce Where Clause don’t support them

De-identification/ Data Portability:

  • Ability to automate De-Identification / Data Portability requests across ‘N’ levels of Salesforce object hierarchy.
    • New functionality will allow you to keep adding further child objects as long as they have a direct relationship with their parent object.
    • Our REST API will also support such processes and perform actions on the ‘N’ level of RTBF/Portability.

Product Enhancements
In Portability under configuration, you can now multi-select the choice of formats from PDF, CSV, or Excel for document generation.