5 Reasons Why Cloud Compliance’s Salesforce Sandbox Data Masker is a Better fit for your organization

Disclaimer: To all readers, please note that this not legal advice, nor is this coming from Salesforce. This is strictly my personal opinion and perspective as an Ex-Salesforce employee and experienced technologist working in the Data Privacy and Data Security space for awhile now.


This write-up is certainly long overdue, and I’d like to blame the delay on all the noise from 2020 (sigh, COVID, what a year).

My goal is to educate everyone in the Salesforce Ohana and all Data Protection Officers. CISOs and IT Directors on what a Sandbox Data Mask is and then explain why Cloud Compliance’s Data Masker should be on your radar if your company uses a sandbox.

For those who already understand the term data masking and are exploring a Salesforce Sandbox data masking solution, this article should assist your decision-making.

Let’s start with the basics:

What is a Salesforce Sandbox Data Masker?

Firstly, a sandbox is a copy of your production data. In my experience as a consultant, I have been exposed to Salesforce sandbox of different companies, some big multinationals I must say.

Yes, we were made to sign NDAs when accessing these test environments in those days but in todays era of GDPR/CCPA/LGPD etc., where there is strong emphasis on data security, that’s not enough. That’s how the messiah was born –

Salesforce Sandbox Data Masker neutralizes those risks and consequences of a data breach.

As mentioned, due to the sensitivity of the data on a sandbox, the data masker simply replaces the sensitive data with dummy data.


Here’s a real life example which applies to approximately 80% of our customers using our Salesforce DataMasker.

Most Salesforce Admins have a lot of automations running on their production org and because the sandbox is a copy of live data, these automations also exist on the test environment as well.


By masking your data, (for example the email field) this will stop the accidental triggering of emails, preventing accidents and save your organization the embarrassment of sending wrong messages to your customers. As the adage goes:

"Better safe than sorry"

Another use case for a sandbox data masker is to prevent external consultants/third party providers from getting access to sensitive information from production.


You really don’t want to experience the embarrassment and financial risk of a breach in your sensitive data. Here’s a detailed summary of the sensitive data exposed in your sandboxes:

Alright so now that we got the starter out of the way, it’s time for the main course. There’s a number of companies out there selling a data masking solution, but overall:I do believe Cloud Compliance has the biggest competitive advantage. Below are the 5 reasons why:

  1. Cost: Our Data Masking Solution is Affordable

I have this as point numero uno because just like every other business out there, even for us, cost-consciousness is one of the key metrics we look at in our everyday activities. Our customer success reviews, from small to medium to large multinationals and also NGOs, mention cost-effectiveness as one of the reasons for choosing us.

Our list price for our paid version of sandbox data masker is 5% of your annual contract value (ACV), including support

and as a reference Salesforce’s masking product is 10% of ACV. For SMBs short on budget, we recently launched our New Free version of our Sandbox Data masker on Salesforce, (Yes free). We’re so confident about our product that we want everyone out there to be able to experience it. Try it out


2. Performance: Top Notch!

One of these days, I will do a series introducing our engineering team (Me, writing about our awesome engineering team doesn’t do them enough justice). I have never seen such a confident bunch, who pride themselves in the baby they have nurtured and grown. 


Hours of brain and man power perfecting our product. Today we’re confident to say that our data masker runs up to 5 masking batches that can potentially process up to 1m records p/h. Operating at this hard-limit means that your Large Data Volume (LDV) Objects and big sandboxes are ready for use quicker. 


No one in the market can beat this so far. Speed is essential in running a business and we are happy to provide that to you.

3. TurnKey Deployment: Easy Configuration and Hand-Holding if needed

Push to start? Almost!…Our Salesforce Sandbox Data Masker is very easy to deploy. Most products on the market will require you to deploy on your own or hire 3rd party consultants (extra cost). 


We operate differently – From start to the finish line and beyond, our technical support team will be there to support you through implementation and after implementation, our experienced customer support team will take things over at 0 cost of course. 


For those 0.0001% customers who prefer contactless support , we also have release updates and installation guides available on our listing if needed.

4. Agility – Strategic Flexibility

What does that even mean? It means that we take our customers feedback and requests seriously. We have quarterly reviews where we prioritize requests of our key account holders. 


Basically, YOU as a CUSTOMER, have a say in our roadmap provided it’s in line with our vision. After-all, what’s the point of building a house that no one wants to live in.

5. Miscellaneous – “We are 100% focused solely on Data Privacy and Security and We Try Harder”

If you are a veteran marketer out there then you probably know the phrase:

“We are No. 2 and We Try Harder”

This is something that is actually true and entrenched in our company culture. We might not hold the big brand name on our name cards but we give infinity% across all divisions.


Our core competencies being we live and breathe data privacy and security. We have a team that is basically 24/7 across different timezones (USA, Amsterdam, Shanghai and India)

Choosing Cloud Compliance as your partner means that we are totally invested in your success every step of the way.

Hope this article was informative and helps you make the right decision in your search for a for a Salesforce Sandbox Data Masker


If you would like to have a taste of our Salesforce Sandbox Data Masking app, check out the FREE trial of Sandbox Data Masker listing on the Salesforce App Exchange.


For more information visit Cloud Compliance.


For enquiries: info@cloudcompliance.app

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