Invocable – Auto Consent Creation – Cloud Compliance

Updated on February 26, 2023

Cloud Compliance – GDPR Data Management’  has one feature called Consent management which basically automates the full lifecycle of Consent including Self-service for Leads, Contacts, and Individuals in Salesforce.

The solution given in this document creates consent for a specific purpose against a particular channel. This note explains how to invoke Auto Consent Creation with the help of Process Builder.

Solution Steps

1. Create a Few Checkboxes in the Contact Object. For example:

  • Marketing – Phone
  • Survey- Phone
  • Sales -Phone
  • Customer Support – Phone

2. Add those checkboxes in the Contact page layout under a separate section which will be called Consents.

3. Navigate to Data Use Purpose and create a few Channels and Purposes.

4. Create a formula field on a Contact object called Consents.

Format of the formula should be as follows:-

IF(Data use purpose API name = true, “Data Use Purpose id -1, “,” Data use purpose id-0,”)&

IF(Data use purpose API name = true, “Data Use Purpose id -1 “,” Data use purpose id-0”)

Here is an example of the formula field created for different Data use purposes.
keting_Phone__c =true, “0ZW2v000000blPDGAY-1,”,”0ZW2v000000blPDGAY-0,”)&

<!-- wp:heading {"level":3} -->
h3 > If(Customer_Phone__c = true, "0ZW2v000000blP3GAI-1,", "0ZW2v000000blP3GAI-0,") & amp; < /h3> <
!--/wp:heading -->

!--wp: heading {
"level": 3
} -->
h3 > If(Sales_Phone__c = true, "0ZW2v000000blP9GAI-1,", "0ZW2v000000blP9GAI-0,") & amp; < /h3> <
!--/wp:heading -->

!--wp: heading {
"level": 3
}-- >
h3 > If(Survey_Phone__c = true, "0ZW2v000000blP8GAI-1", "0ZW2v000000blP8GAI-0") < /h3> <
!--/wp:heading -->

5. Copy the respective ids from the Data use purpose and paste it in the above formula

6. Create the Process Builder on Contact Object which will fire whenever there is a selection/deselection on the Consent checkboxes.

This Process builder will auto-create consents whenever a new contact record is created or whenever consents checkboxes are selected/deselected. The Formula on this node is as follows:-

OR(ISNEW(), ISCHANGED([Contact].Consents__c))

The immediate action will call the invocable APEX class “Process builder-Create Consents for SObject” and the input parameters to that invocable will be as follows:-

sendConfirmationemail                   BooleanTrue
idsField reference           [Contact].Id    
commaSepPurposeIdStringField reference[Contact].Consents__c      

Click on Save and Activate the Process Builder.

To Validate the Auto consent creation

Navigate to the Contact Record. Select any 2 checkboxes of Consents on details Page.

For example – Survey-Phone and Sales-Phone.

Go to the Consents Tab on the Contact page


This enhancement enables Auto consent creation while creating a Contact/Lead.