Privacy Management via Privacy Site URL on Contact and Lead

Updated on February 27, 2023

Prerequisites :

  • Add ‘Privacy Site URL’ (Managed Packaged Field) on contact/lead page layout.
  • Community configuration
  • Custom Metadata settings i.e Site Base UTL must be overridden with “Community Url”.
  • Privacy Site Record should be created and at least one site record must be selected as default on Self Service Configuration Tab.
  • Individuals should be created and associated with the Contact/Lead record. Users can use Cloud Compliance ‘Grouping Rules for Individual’
  • Triggers must be enabled from -> Installed Package -> Cloud Compliance’s Configure Button -> Triggers Tab.
  • After meeting the above prerequisites, Cloud Compliance will generate a URL in the “ Privacy Site Url” field of Contact/lead  as below

Now a user can send the contact’s Consent management verified link to the contact’s email address where the user can review his consent and make necessary changes.