Release Note 3.1.1

Updated on February 27, 2023
Version: Cloud Compliance Release 3.1.1
Release Date: 12-May-2022
New Functionality
  • PrivSec Reporting: Reports have been added that help track Retention status, exception conditions, and overall statistics
  • Ability to define Retention rules based on Compliance Categorization: Salesforce Data Classification (Compliance Categorization and Sensitivity metadata fields) are now supported in the Retention Rules. Users can define Retention rules that qualify records based on Compliance Categorization. This is in addition to supporting Data Sensitivity Level
  • New and Refreshed Refreshed RTBF Mapping user interface
  • New and Refreshed Portability Mapping user interface
  • Suppress displaying Detail objects when the Master is being deleted: When a master is deleted, details records delete as well. This enhancement ensures that users can not select ‘Detail’ objects in such situations
  • RTBF Activation process red flags Detail objects if the master is being deleted
  • ‘Delete’ and ‘Hard Delete’ sections are disabled for the User object in the RTBF mapping
  • Non-updatable fields are now available in RTBF mapping
  • EmailMessage and FeedItem won’t be available in the object selection dropdown list if the parent record is set for Deletion operation
  • Obfuscation – Auto-generated Action is now disabled for all ID & Picklist (single & multi-select) fields
  • RTBF Mapping now supports replace action ‘Hardcode’ on OwnerID Lookup field
  • Data Retention record status changes to ‘In-Active’ when a new record is created or an existing record is updated
  • Cards on the ‘Manage’ tab in the earlier release were pointing to the Case object. They are now pointing to appropriate PrivSec records
  • The ‘Email Notification’ functionality on the Data Retention wizard was obsoleted in the prior release. This field has now been removed from the wizard
  • Performance Optimization: Retention is further optimized for large data sets (50,000+ records)
  • In the prior release, Spring 22 upgrade In certain situations, User obfuscation was throwing an exception. This has been resolved
  • RTBF and Retention processing that involves Auto-Generation of value for text field was not respecting the field length. In certain situations, this was throwing exceptions. This has been resolved
Known Issues