Release Note 3.4.3- Data Retention

Updated on February 27, 2023

Download Data Retention from appexchange

New Functionality

  • Next-Gen Retention User Experience: Retention Policy user experience has been redefined, keeping usability in focus. Object/Field mapping, COFi, and Scheduling are all visible on the same page. Buttons are conditionally rendered so that only permissible actions can be performed. A new dynamic banner has been added to indicate the retention policy lifecycle stage (Validated, In-Error, Scheduled, Ready to Scheduled, etc.)
  • Consolidated Export: Data Retention export wizard now makes exporting easy. The exported JSON file contains the retention policy details, object/field mappings, and Cross Object Filter(COFi). This makes it easy to migrate Data Retention Policies from one Org to another
  • Enhanced Import: Import wizard, identifies if the same mapping is re-imported. It updates the existing mapping. In case components are missing in the latest JSON, it considers them as deleted components and deletes them in the destination Org. This helps keep the Re-Imported retention policies in sync between Orgs


  • Scheduling Retention Policies: Users can now Schedule or Unschedule retention policies through conditionally rendered action buttons.
  • Schedule Timezone: In the earlier release, the Retention Policy scheduled time was missing the timezone. This was confusing. Now scheduled time also shows the timezone.
  • Mapping Import- Now supports upsert: In the prior release importing RTBF, Retention, and Portability mapping would always create a new mapping, now import uses upsert, so the same mapping record is updated

Bug Fixes

  • Mappings with 200+ fields: RTBF Mapping would throw an error if the object contains 200+ fields. In cases where the picklist contains 100+ values, the performance was degraded. Mapping LWC has been optimized to deal with a large number of fields and picklist values.
  • Username masking: Field ‘Username’ on object ‘User’ was throwing an error as this field value must always be unique. Autogenerate action for username has been enhanced to generate a unique value.
  • Page Refresh Issue: The retention Policy page refresh was not showing updated values until the page was reloaded a few times. Upon saving, this page is now auto-refreshed.