Release Note 3.7 – Data Retention

Updated on May 17, 2023

Download Data Retention from Appexchange


  • Handle Deleted Components during Import: Deleted components aren’t visible during import. CC discards deleted components from the source/destination mapping before any import.
  • Addition of ‘Where Clause’ field under Parent Object: Previously, the user inserted the where clause of the parent object for retention rule from the Information Section. Migration of this field enables the user to insert the where clause directly under the parent object.
  • ‘Replace With’ & ‘Replacing With’ Columns under field mappings will automatically display ‘None’ for the ‘Erase’ Action selection.

Bug Fixes

  • User can insert any hardcode value for time datatype. Previously, it only stamped 12:00 AM. This is fixed now.
  • Previously, 2 RTBF mappings were created on creation of new retention mapping. This issue is fixed.