Step 4: User Obfuscation – Special Case

  • Scrambles users’ data on their request when they no longer want their personal data recognized in Salesforce.
  • The user’s detail page exists, but the fields contain meaningless strings of characters.
  • User de-identification will wipe out all the standard fields available on User Object excluding a few fields such as the user ID, timezone, locale, and profile.
  • This method requires the org’s User Management setting, Scramble Specific Users’ Data, which is enabled from Setup.

Add De-Identify custom link on the User page layout :

The user is the special object where it is not possible to create a custom button on its page layout. Hence for a user object, Cloud Compliance provides custom link i.e. De-identify

  • Go to the Object Manager and select User.
  • Select the page layout.
  • Drag and drop the De-identify custom link.
  • Save the page layout.
  • Also invoking User De-identification method doesn’t trigger an email change notification.
  • In a special use case when Community users want to de-identify their own data, Cloud Compliance’s cascade de-identification can be implemented. This is because community users will be associated with contact records in salesforce. Hence obfuscating only user records won’t be resulting in sufficient de-identification. Hence Cascade de-identification where Parent is contact and child is a user will result in sufficient de-identification of a user along with its related contact record.
  • Another use case, where Individual is associated with User, cascade de-identification with Parent as Individual and child as User object can serve the purpose of successful de-identification

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