Release Note 3.4.3 – Privacy Right Automation

Updated on February 27, 2023

Download Cloud Compliance Privacy Center here


  • COFi Component under RTBF: Removed Cross Object Filters (COFi) component under De-identification Masters / RTBF mapping layout
  • Upsert on Portability mappings: CC now offers a trouble-free migration of Portability mappings from source org to destination org via upsert operation.
  • Addition of supported file types under Data Portability: Send requested data to customers via email without any hassle as portability request supports additional file types such as PDF, CSV and Excel along with JSON format which is the default format.

Bug Fixes

  • Accommodate 200+ fields in a single mapping: CC encountered a page loading issue on field mapping page with 200+ fields & fields supporting multiple pick-lists etc. This is fixed now and objects having 350+ fields are loaded much faster than previous page reload action.
  • Username masking using Autogenerate Action: ‘Username field’ under User Object wasn’t getting masked using CC package actions due to the Salesforce limitation in updating Username field. This is fixed now. Mask ‘Username’ field using CC Autogenerate action.
  • Page Refresh Issue: A minor refresh bug appeared on field mapping layout of RTBF/ Retention / Portability layout. This is fixed now.